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Top 10 most stylish actors

Not only women can look stunning on the red carpet. Let’s see which actors’ looks also deserve attention. We met the ladies, now let’s pay our due respect to the gentlemen! Meet the most stylish actors on both screen and stage! 

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet is a young American actor considered as one of the best of our time. The role of Elio Perlman in the romantic drama “Call Me By Your Name” brought him world fame. 

Although he is only 24 years old, Timothee is the most influential man in fashion. He dictates male fashion tendencies. He often experiments with his style and discovers new brands. Chalamet does not have a stylist – he creates his looks. Timothee wore a black sequined Louis Vuitton hoodie to the premiere of The King and that raised drastically the searching for men’s hoodies. Everything Timothee wears becomes a trend.

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman is one of the best dressed Hollywood stars. In November 2019 he attended the London screening wearing a golden Dunhill blazer combined with a white shirt, black pants, and Chelsea boots. He definitely drew attention to himself. 

Chadwick became a fashion icon because of his look at the 2018 Met Gala. He wore a white Versace outfit with religious symbols. His look included gold shoes and a cape with gold crosses on it. 

Michael B. Jordan

He is an American actor and producer and one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. He created a collaborative fashion line with the American brand Coach. The fashion line is anime-inspired and it involves leather boots, backpacks, leather belt bags, and shirts with symbols from the famous anime Naruto. 

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor and musician. He is famous for his casual style. He chooses plain colors and simple combinations. His street style includes a retro denim jacket and jeans or pants in earthy colors.

In 2017 the actor wore a classic Gucci tuxedo to the Oscars ceremony. His outfit also included a black bow and a ruffled shirt. Gosling does not experiment with his look – he prefers the classic style.

Bill Skarsgard

Bill is a Swedish actor who played in the movie “It” based on Stephen King’s novel. The actor attended the premiere of the horror movie dressed in Louis Vuitton. Bill also had a special photo shooting for the Australian fashion magazine Icon.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff has not always been a fashion icon but that changed when he met the stylist Andrew Vottero. Since Vottero is responsible for Goldblum’s look the actor impresses with his outfits. Prada half and half shirts are typical for Goldblum’s style. The actor also loves to wear silk and satin shirts.

Donald Glover

Don Glover known as Childish Gambino (his stage name) is an American actor, singer, writer, and producer. He is also recognized as a male fashion icon. Donald creates his outfits alone. He chooses warm colors to mix them and create extravagant looks. His style is inspired by the ’70s fashion. One of his iconic looks is from the Golden Globes ceremony in 2017. He wore a chocolate velvet Gucci suit with a bow tie. 

Jonah Hill

Jonah does not have a stylist but he is one of the best dressed Hollywood stars. The actor combines streetwear with luxury pieces and the result is impressive. His style is inspired by the skate culture. He became a fashion icon and changed his style after losing weight.  

Ashton Sanders

He is a young American actor who gained world fame by playing Chiron in the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. 

Ashton has an interesting style and has fast become one of the Hollywood fashion icons. He admitted that his looks are inspired by the ‘60s aesthetic and the rapper Andre 3000. One of his best looks is from the New York Fashion Week 2017.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a veteran amongst the most stylish actors. He is considered as a male fashion icon of all time. But he is most recognizable because of his ‘90s style. In 2019 he walked on the red carpet dressed in Brioni tuxedo. He was named the face of Brioni before the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Brad Pitt became an icon at the beginning of his career. In the movie Thelma and Louise, he wore a pair of fitted jeans and a white cowboy hat. He had no shirt on. This look instantly made him a sex symbol.

If the ladies are the gem, then the gentlemen are the frame holding it. That is why red carpets on both Hollywood and Broadway are super popular. You see the most stylish actors complementing the most stylish ladies!