November 20, 2020 By Maurizio Lalo Off

The amazing costumes of the Lion King: How to Bring The African Savanna on Broadway!

Julie Taymor won a Tony Award for her directing of “The Lion King,” making her the first woman to win the award. While “The Lion King” won six Tony Awards on the night, it also took second prize for best costume design.  She is the one behind the amazing costumes of the Lion King!

“The Pridelands of Africa”

The concept of “The Pridelands of Africa” was made a masterpiece of the permanent exhibition and includes, in addition to costumes, dolls, and makeup paintings also work by the puppet and makeup artist Michael Curry. It is based on the words and phrases from which the entire outfit comes, as well as on his work as a doll designer. 

The Lion King “plays the role of the various actors who brought the Disney film to life. The show was a hit, Simba wore his original costume, as well as a number of other costumes, but Julie Taylor’s costumes and puppet design stole the show from start to finish. As with any stage musical, it’s not the stars of “The Lion King” who are the stars, but the characters from the film itself. 

Everybody loves them!

Why do adults and children regularly attend a performance that could easily be described as a children’s musical? Whether it’s the giant elephant strolling through the stands during the opening parade or Simba in his original costume, Taylor’s vision is a triumph of theatrical ingenuity. The Lion King “is a musical for all who want to be, and not just for children. 

But to be fair, Taymor is getting his money’s worth in music, and he’s certainly not alone in his vision for the show. 

Debuting on Broadway

When the Lion King opened on Broadway in November 1997, it was one of the hottest tickets, being seen by 19 countries representing all continents except Antarctica and more than 1.5 million people. The Lion King only flies by when everyone comes together as an ensemble, but a quick shot of Hakuna Matata can make your eyes a little wet. She lives in a world of her own, not fueled by quick selfies, so she’s not the only one in the cast with a big heart. 

The Lion King has been translated into eight languages, not including the six African languages included in the series, as well as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Spanish. 


First, it was very well received by the audience, and second, Taylor was able to develop the story to inspire theatergoers around the world. Taymor won the Tony Award for directing a musical, the first to go to a woman. Although she established her own acclaimed film career, she remains a leading force in theatre and music. A new production of “The Lion King” in the Philippines, which opens in Manila in March next year.

The costumes of the Lion King are some of the best in the world of musical theater! But these of Frozen are no worse!