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Broadway stars with solo albums

It probably won’t come as a news flash, but Broadway stars have amazing singing voices. After all, it is called “musical theater”. But you’ll probably a little bit surprised that some Broadway stars have recorded pretty awesome music of their own. Here are the most popular Broadway stars with solo albums.

Leslie Odom, Jr.

Can you imagine that Aaron Burr has managed, amongst his other deeds, to record three albums? All jokes aside, Leslie Odom, Jr. is one of the Broadway superstars that has an amazing singing voice and has received numerous accolades for both his acting and singing. 

His most notable album is the self-titled “Leslie Odom Jr.” which is a mixture of jazz, bossa nova, and amazing vocals. His other songs range in a wide variety of styles – more jazz, pop, and Broadway-inspired tracks. 

Ben Platt

Can Evan Hansen sing? Yes, yes he can! 

Ben Platt, the original Evan, has released his debut album in 2019. A deluxe version was released in May 2020, with his Netflix special, Ben Platt: Live from Radio City Music Hall. 

The album titled Sing to Me Instead include some amazing songs like “Bad Habit” and “Ease My Mind, as well as a collaboration with (drumroll) Lin-Manuel Miranda, and their famous “Found/Tonight”. The album is very lyrically-driven. It tells stories of love, heartbreak, regret, and honesty, both with others and oneself, and is somewhat of a showcase of Ben’s superb singing voice. 

Kristin Chenoweth

When talking about Broadway superstars with a long musical career, we just can’t skip Glinda. She has recorded 7 albums. Kristin Chenoweth: For The Girls is a shout out to all of the strong women she met across her career, including the likes of Dolly Parton, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand. 

“The Art of Elegance” is a real vocal master class. It is a mix of American classics, with the likes of Gershwin, Rodgers, and Sinatra included. It is arranged to showcase the Broadway royalty’s stunning voice.

Shoshana Bean

Pie-making superstar Shoshana Bean has participated in numerous musical projects. Her 2018 album – “Spectrum”, features her signature vocals on reimagined takes like Foy Vance’s “Make It Rain” alongside her own original songs like “Remember the Day.”. She has previously released four albums – in 2008, 2013, an EP album in 2014, and the one from 2018. 

Broadway is very fond of Shoshan. Her roles as Elphaba and Jenna, as well as roles in “Hairspray”, and “Funny Girl”. 

Audra McDonald

A real Renaissance person, Audra McDonald is as multi-talented as one can get! Successful both on stage and screen, she even managed to cross into the music industry. She is the author of successful albums like Sing Happy, Go Back Home, Build a Bridge. 

Her unique cover of John Mayer’s “My Stupid Mouth” is the perfect example of her ability to cross musical lines and dabble in pop music with ease. She was featured in several collaborations with the likes of Jule Styne in Hollywood, Zeitgeist, and Broadway Cares Home for the Holidays.

Bonus Track

It might sound like a bold claim but there are no such diverse superstars as those on Broadway, and these Broadway stars with solo albums prove just that!

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